T. ALBINONI, Adagio for strings in G minor

L. BERNSTEIN, « West Side Story » extracts (chamber orchestra version)

A. CORELLI, Concerto Grosso in G minor Op.6/8 "Christmas concerto"

A. DVORAK, Serenade in E major Op.22

E. ELGAR, Serenade in E minor Op.20

E. GRIEG, 2 “Elegiac melodies” Op.34 & Suite “Holberg” Op.40

G.F. HAENDEL, Concerti grosso Op.6/1 & Op.6/2

J. HAYDN, The seven last words of Christ Op.51

G. LEKEU, Adagio for strings in C minor "Les fleurs pâles du souvenir"

A. MAGNARD, Suite "in old style" op.2 (chamber orchestra version)

G. MAHLER, Adagietto/extracts from symphony n°5

F. MENDELSSOHN, Sinfonia n°10 for strings

W.A. MOZART, Divertimenti in D major KV136, in B major KV137 & in F major KV138

A. ROUSSEL, Sinfonietta in D major for strings

I. STRAVINSKY, Concerto in D major for strings

A. VIVALDI, Concerti for strings, “Alla Rustica” & in A major. Sinfonia “Al Santo Sepolcro”

R. WAGNER, Lohengrin/Prelude, Tristan & Isolde/Prelude, Siegfried-Idyll (chamber orchestra version)

Orchestra & Violin solo

J.S. BACH, Concerti for violin & orchestra en E major BWV1042 & in A minor BWV1041

J.S. BACH, Concerto for 2 violins in D minor BWV1043

J. HAYDN, Concerti for violin & orchestra, in C major & in G major

J.M. LECLAIR, Concerti for violin & orchestra

A. VIVALDI, The 4 seasons. Concerti for violin

Orchestra & Flute solo

C.P.E. BACH, Concerto for flute in A major

J.S. BACH, Suite for flute & Orchestra in B Minor

W.A. MOZART, Andante in C major for flute & Orchestra

G.Ph. TELEMANN, Suite for flute & Orchestra in A minor

A. VIVALDI, Concerti for flute, “La Notte” , etc

Orchestra & Piano solo

J.S. BACH, Concerto for piano & orchestra in F minor & G minor

F. CHOPIN, Concerto for piano & orchestra in E minor (chamber orchestra version)

W.A. MOZART, Concerto for piano & orchestra in A major, n°12 KV 414

Orchestra & Trumpet solo

G. HAENDEL, Suite in D major for trumpet & orchestra

B. MARCELLO, Sonata in C minor for trumpet & orchestra

H. PURCELL, Sonata in D major for trumpet & orchestra

A. VIVALDI, Concerto in C major for 2 trumpets & orchestra

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