To open its 33rd season, the Festival des Abbayes (Dax) offered a spectrum of colors and pleasurable sensations with the Orchestre de Chambre Français (ex-Vivaldi)  In Spring (Vivaldi’s Four Seasons) the public awaited happily to hear the initial allegro from beginning to end.  It then appreciated a Largo performed expressively by the echo of the violas and the sincerity of Andre Rebacz in his violin solo.

Before performing a stunning performance of the Four Seasons, the 13 musicians showed much joy in their finely chiseled, tender and feverish interpretation of Vivaldi’s Concerto for Strings in A Major. Mozart’s Divertimento No. 3 was ideal for lifting the spirit and offering a beautiful optimism, as the group shared a profound sotto voce andante, laced with insight and finesse.

SUD-OUEST. June 15, 2002


The Orchestre de Chambre Français opened the Cziffra Foundation’s (Senlis) 28th season. A grand musical offering filled the vaults of the Saint Frambourg Royal Chapel, hoisting the applause of a crowd that insisted, through several callbacks, to hear an encore of this remarkable interpretation … The group regularly presents itself with the most celebrated international soloists.  Recently, after a concert in Reims, France, Maurice ANDRE, the renowned trumpeter, declared that he had never encountered an orchestra as fresh, delicate, dynamic, and with as much vitality as this group.

LE COURRIER  PICARD.  May 27, 2001


A superb French ensemble, the Orchestre Chambre Français gave us a remarkable interpretation of Vivaldi’s works in the first half.  In the second half, the orchestra interpreted Mozart’s Symphony No. 29 with overwhelming emotion and lots of colors in their playing.  A perfect harmony!



The Orchestre Chambre Français, one of the most celebrated groups in northern France and which brings together the best musicians of the Picardy and Paris regions, interpreted works by Handel, Vivaldi, and an arrangement of « West Side Story » for flute and strings that was the favorite among those who attended the concert at Burela.  But the public wanted more and the night would only culminate after the French musicians offered three encores.

LA VOZ DE A MARINA. Feb. 11, 1999


The mayor of Algeciras’ presence Monday evening in the Palma Parish underlined the success of The Antonio Vivaldi Chamber Orchestra – a concert that at midnight had not yet finished – and, after four callbacks, the more than 1,000 people who occupied the church accompanied the orchestra with applause « a la Sevillane. »

AREA. Aug. 11, 1999


The Orchestre Français Vivaldi filled the Palma Church making it tremble and solidifying its absolute triumph .  The orchestra created a cohesive, sober, serious and solemn example, befitting of the circumstances.



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